Boston Area, South Shore, and Cape Cod Real Estate, Commercial, and Architectural Photography

My attention to detail will make your home or business shine in images on the web or in print.   I know what it takes to sell a home and present it in the best light possible to prospective buyers.  Below are some of the standards that I shoot by:  

(At this time I am limiting my shoots to High End Residential or Commercial Shoots due to high demand.)


Realistic Images:  I try to convey a sense of the space and not just extremely wide images that distort reality.   The images you will receive will have the Architectural Digest look.

Window Views -  I use a combination of existing light and strobes to ensure that you can see out the windows just as if you were standing in the room.  Depending on the view outside the window, and the feel of the room, I will let light flow in or have crisp view out the windows. 

window view real estate photography




Straight Vertical Lines - I shoot with a top of the line Canon 5D Mark III camera, Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L, and a Canon 24mm L ts-e II Tilt Shift lens that ensures your vertical lines (cabinets, doors, room edges, and house corners).  Your home/building should not look like it tilting backwards as that is not how your eye sees it.  Your cabinet and door lines will always be perfectly vertical in your images.


Color casts - Yellow or blue color casts in an image appear from exterior or interior light sources or images that are not properly color balanced.  All my images are shot in RAW format and color corrected.





Composition and Distant Rooms - Your images with be composed professionally.  I take my time to ensure each image is composed with thought and purpose.  Rooms in the distance of each image will be illuminated.

Detail Shots - I also shoot detail shots (with a Canon 85mm f/1.2L II lens) that give the viewer a feel of the space and highlight architectural details, such as kitchen faucets or other items of interest that give a sense of the space.  




Post Production - I do not outsource my image processing. I will be the one ensuring you get the highest quality image and the end result meets my high standards before delivery. 

Image Delivery - For Real Estate - Your images will be delivered in 24-48 hours in a password protected link on my site for download. They will be resized to a managable size for your ease of use and 300dpi for use in print as well as web.  Full resolution images are available as well.
  • Check out my Blog for some of my recent shoots.  Your listing will be shared on social media such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. Real Estate Shoot Gallery
  • 1080p Video - Embedded Slide Show Code to use on your own web pages or Facebook 
  • Custom URL created with your address and professional sign riders made with your new website address.



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